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Dan Carter

on 16.03.17 20:11


Round 1

Ba Dum Tss v Zig Zag
Balls Be Flyin' v Uvijek vjerni!
FEAR v Multiple Sources
Grizzlies v Masterminds
Joga Bonito v Lux Aeterna

Round 2

Zig Zag v Lux Aeterna
Masterminds v Joga Bonito
Multiple Sources v Grizzlies
Uvijek vjerni! v FEAR
Ba Dum Tss v Balls Be Flyin'

Round 3

Balls Be Flyin' v Zig Zag
FEAR v Ba Dum Tss
Grizzlies v Uvijek vjerni!
Joga Bonito v Multiple Sources
Lux Aeterna v Masterminds

Round 4

Zig Zag v Masterminds
Multiple Sources v Lux Aeterna
Uvijek vjerni! v Joga Bonito
Ba Dum Tss v Grizzlies
Balls Be Flyin' v FEAR

Round 5

FEAR v Zig Zag
Grizzlies v Balls Be Flyin'
Joga Bonito v Ba Dum Tss
Lux Aeterna v Uvijek vjerni!
Masterminds v Multiple Sources

Round 6

Zig Zag v Multiple Sources
Uvijek vjerni! v Masterminds
Ba Dum Tss v Lux Aeterna
Balls Be Flyin' v Joga Bonito
FEAR v Grizzlies

Round 7

Grizzlies v Zig Zag
Joga Bonito v FEAR
Lux Aeterna v Balls Be Flyin'
Masterminds v Ba Dum Tss
Multiple Sources v Uvijek vjerni!

Round 8

Zig Zag v Uvijek vjerni!
Ba Dum Tss v Multiple Sources
Balls Be Flyin' v Masterminds
FEAR v Lux Aeterna
Grizzlies v Joga Bonito

Round 9

Joga Bonito v Zig Zag
Lux Aeterna v Grizzlies
Masterminds v FEAR
Multiple Sources v Balls Be Flyin'
Uvijek vjerni! v Ba Dum Tss

Second half is mirror of first half

Round 10

Zig Zag v Joga Bonito
Grizzlies v Lux Aeterna
FEAR v Masterminds
Balls Be Flyin' v Multiple Sources
Ba Dum Tss v Uvijek vjerni!

Round 11

Uvijek vjerni! v Zig Zag
Multiple Sources v Ba Dum Tss
Masterminds v Balls Be Flyin'
Lux Aeterna v FEAR
Joga Bonito v Grizzlies

Round 12

Zig Zag v Grizzlies
FEAR v Joga Bonito
Balls Be Flyin' v Lux Aeterna
Ba Dum Tss v Masterminds
Uvijek vjerni! v Multiple Sources

Round 13

Multiple Sources v Zig Zag
Masterminds v Uvijek vjerni!
Lux Aeterna v Ba Dum Tss
Joga Bonito v Balls Be Flyin'
Grizzlies v FEAR

Round 14

Zig Zag v FEAR
Balls Be Flyin' v Grizzlies
Ba Dum Tss v Joga Bonito
Uvijek vjerni! v Lux Aeterna
Multiple Sources v Masterminds

Round 15

Masterminds v Zig Zag
Lux Aeterna v Multiple Sources
Joga Bonito v Uvijek vjerni!
Grizzlies v Ba Dum Tss
FEAR v Balls Be Flyin'

Round 16

Zig Zag v Balls Be Flyin'
Ba Dum Tss v FEAR
Uvijek vjerni! v Grizzlies
Multiple Sources v Joga Bonito
Masterminds v Lux Aeterna

Round 17

Lux Aeterna v Zig Zag
Joga Bonito v Masterminds
Grizzlies v Multiple Sources
FEAR v Uvijek vjerni!
Balls Be Flyin' v Ba Dum Tss

Round 18

Zig Zag v Ba Dum Tss
Uvijek vjerni! v Balls Be Flyin'
Multiple Sources v FEAR
Masterminds v Grizzlies
Lux Aeterna v Joga Bonito

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