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Dan Carter

on 22.03.17 11:18


Kickoff: 24.03.2017 - 19:30 CET
Deadline: 29.03.2017 - 19:00 CET

A. Final Result
B. Lineups
C. REC File(s)
D. Statistics (goals, assists, clean sheets, own-goals)
E. Observations (including complaints)

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on 24.03.17 19:05


FEAR U21 were not online so I think we should probably get defwin

Dan Carter

on 24.03.17 20:49


I was online at the match time and FEAR got 3 players online, but instead of talking with opponents about playing the match, you just made a screenshot to show your activity with 25 minutes before kickoff time, although, the rulebook mention the fact that a team has 15 minutes to get 4 players and play the match. You can play the match at any time, by common agreement, or at the deadline.

Deadline: 29.03.2017 - 19:00 CET


on 24.03.17 21:59


FCHY U21 9 - 0 Beast Mode

Line-up FCHY : Crate-aMp-Boyd-RaboDePeixe
Line-up BM : Tigre-Oscar-Corentin-P!nk

Rec ->

0:30 : P!nk OG (aMp)
2:42 : Boyd
4:40 : aMp (RaboDePeixe
5:40 : RaboDePeixe (aMp)
6:05 : Boyd
RQ=>P!nk (3-0)
7:00 : aMp (RaboDePeixe)
RQ All Team

Crate 1x CS


--- REC Checked ---
--- Statistics added ---

Dan Carter

on 25.03.17 17:11


Pippie get an warning for using another nickname than the one in lineup and team's rage quit.
Trump is restricted until the end of season's first leg for using another nickname than the one in lineup, having an outburst during the match and rage quit.

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