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1.1. Each player must always have access to a unique forum account, with a name which is identical or very similar to the one used in matches!

1.2. Every new created accounts will be activated by FRH Staff within 24 hours. In order to speed up the process, you have to contact the staff on our private Team Speak server.

1.3. Each player should be able to connect to this Team Speak server: FRHAXBALL.TS3.LU

1.4. Players are allowed to change their forum nickname only one time per season. In order to change your nickname, you have to post a reply in the relevant topic.

1.5. Clones (multiple accounts controlled by the same person) and fakes (playing with false nicknames) are strictly forbidden! The player who makes use of one of two irregularities will be suspended at the discretion of the staff.