1 FRH Player Of The Week on 26.03.18 19:06

Daniel Carter

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Because season 20 is an anniversary one for us and because we like to innovate as often as we can, starting with this season we are going to introduce one new award! The player with the most experience points (XP) earned during the week will be called "Player Of The Week".

Note: We are going to use the same system as we used in the past to find out who was the Most Valuable Player.

Goal: +5 XP
Assist: +4 XP
Clean Sheet: +6 XP
Own Goal: -3 XP

Player Of The Week #1: Unbalanced Kiss (3 goals, 1 assist) - 19 XP
Player Of The Week #2: halilovic (3 goals, 1 assist) - 19 XP