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9.1. There are two separate transfer windows:
» Start of the season - Start of the 2nd matchday
» Mid-season break

9.2. Transfers can only be made during those intervals, with the exception of free players, who can join a team at any time.

9.3. In order to use a player, he must be added to the team squad at least 30 minutes before the match, he must have a unique forum account and has to confirm the transfer in the team topic.

9.4. A free player is someone new to the competition or that was not included in any team squad at the end of the last transfer window.

9.5. Someone that plays for a team and leaves it outside the transfer window is not allowed to play for another team until the next transfer window opens. It isn't possible to rejoin the same team, they must wait until next transfer window opens.

9.6. An exception will be made for players that were part of a team, but were not used in any official matches. They can leave the current team and join another one once benefiting of this rule.

9.7. A team signed up throughout the season has the right to sign a restricted player only if the player in question left his former team earlier before the new one has formed.

9.8. If a team is disbanded, the players from its squad are allowed to play for another team.