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Daniel Carter
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Considering that our national team played the final of the most recent edition of Nations Cup, it's time for us, as a community, to turn our attention to the Big Easy, so starting this season we will have a dedicated competition called the Conference Cup.

- Time Limit: 10 minutes (12 mins for the Final)
- Score Limit: None
- Halves: 2
- Overtime: Group Stage: No / Final: in case of a tie, golden goal rule applies (additional 5 minute periods, with score limit: -1- will be played until a goal is scored, with teams switching sides after each period)
- Stadium: Big Easy
- Nickname: must be identical or very similar to the one registered in team's lineup topic
- Substitutions: after a goal has been scored or at halftime
- Additional info: goals scored right as the regular time expires (05:00/10:00/12:00) will not be considered valid!