Daniel Carter

Daniel Carter
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Addicted to Skill - Lux Aeterna
Number Nine - FEAR
The Elders - Cosa Nostra
VENOM - Bella Ciao

Wildcards for postponing matches must be used at least one hour before the official time. The match must be rescheduled within 7 days and both teams must confirm the new date. If both teams wish to play at a different time and both of them confirms in this thread, using a wildcard is not necessary.

Post the match result, along with the replay, lineup, goal scorers, assisters & clean sheets for both teams.
You must include the exact time on REC for each goal!

Match times are 19:00 CET / 20:00 EET



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Bella Ciao 3-0 Venom

Defwin acceptat daca mai intampini situati de genu te rog sa faci screen si la canalul adversarilor tai



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The Elders- Cosa Nostra 4-2


1st half:
7:10 Striker Eureka (chimi)
7:40 og chimi (skoda)

2nd half:
11:55 MaGn1F1QuE
14:38 og chimi
15:22 Del (chimi)
15:41 MaGn1F1QuE (skoda)

REC Checked: Daniel Carter


FRH Support
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Number Nine 0-3 FEAR
Result: 0-3 (1-0)

FR: skrt - ^aMp^- ES Pierre - Al1s
N9: modric - Rose - palmo - Mullewa

First Half:
1-0 | 02:27 | Al1s (^aMp^)***

Second Half:
2-0 | 17:30 | Al1s (no assist)***
3-0 | 17:46 | ES Pierre (^aMp^)***

Replay: https://thehax.pl/forum/powtorki.php?nagranie=be0d22e57c25d88fa508dc43fb1aaabe

2CS skrt

GG , GL Next Matches! Very Happy

Rec checked (Radu)

Daniel Carter

Daniel Carter
FRH Manager
Posts : 744
Age : 26
Clasament si statistici adaugate.

A2S & LU presupun ca nu ati jucat. Avand in vedere ca vin sarbatorile, deadline-ul pentru acest meci este: 23.12.2020 @ 20:00 EET.


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Wc scz. Daca vreti

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